Welcome to the S&TA Corner!

The S&TA Corner is where you'll find ideas, discussions and suggestions for your safety consideration, as well as where you can ask questions on any aspect of skydiving safety.  It is the intention of this page to be thought provoking, provide insight and knowledge and help prevent injury while fostering intelligent decision making from before you get in line at manifest to after you land and are off the field.

Your suggestions and questions to the S&TA Corner are encouraged and welcome.  Anything you'd like an opinion on?  Ask here.  Not sure how to filter all the advice you've been getting?  The S&TA Corner will do whatever it takes to assure you get the right information.  Anything from specific questions to broader issues, we hope to bring you the best and latest information available.

Here's to a great and safe season!

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Past Articles
by Tom Buchanan

Article 21 - Understanding the RSL (Reserve Static Line)
Article 20 - Preparing for the Absolute Worst
Article 19 - Jumping Near Clouds
Article 18 - Selecting a Break Off Altitude
Article 17 - A Safety Culture
Article 16 - Survival Strategies, Off Airport Landings
Article 15 - Waiting Between Groups
Article 14 - Piston or Turbine Airplanes?
Article 13 - FAA Regulations Applied
Article 12 - Landing Direction Defined
Article 11 - Who Can Pack a Main Parachute?
Article 10 - In an Emergency
Article 9 - Winter Travels
Article 8 - Airspace
Article 7 - Skydiving Risk
Article 6 - Evaluating Wind and Turbulence
Article 5 - Keeping Clear of The Runway
Article 4 - License Exams
Article 3 - What is an S&TA?
Article 2 - Checking the Weather
Article 1 - Checking for Traffic

Past Articles
by Kim Emerson

Article 11 - Controlling Issues
Article 10 - Another Season Starting
Article 9 - Another Season Closing
Article 8 - Shawanga!
Article 7 - Spotting
Article 6 - Turning & Tracking
Article 5 - Landing in Turbulence
Article 4 - On Staying North
Article 3 - Choosing and Following a Proper Landing Direction in Light and Variable Winds
Article 2 - Negotiating Turns: Death by Degrees
Article 1 - "An accident is a series of bad decisions executed to perfection"

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